Where can I buy glasses online if I have prescription :)

I had an eye test today and I was wondering where is the best place to get glasses if I have the prescription??

I kind of dwethered on the price of them when I was in there.....

Is there anywhere online I can order glasses if I have the prescription?



I think Specsavers are just brilliant. I have been with them for years and cause am on their contact lens scheme I get a pair of designer specs half price.

Check their website

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They don't seem to sell VDU lenses, that's what I need for my job as I work at computer screens all


Loads of places - you could also just put new glass in your existing frames:


Or for Glasses:


If you only have a pocketful of loose change you could] try here :thumbsup:

Im guessing when you say VDU lens your refering to Anti reflective lens or MAR..?

or the wonderfully named speckyfoureyes.com/
good prices.

There is a good guide on MSE - with lots of links

I used optical4less and they are very cheap.....

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the VDU is for someone who with computer screens all the time

Visual display unit

I was told I get a £75 refund if the glasses I got were 100% for VDU usage

Not often glasses are 100% for vdu usually for reading too Thats the catch..b.uggers!


There is a good guide on MSE - with lots of … There is a good guide on MSE - with lots of linkshttp://www.moneysavingexpert.com/health/cheap-glassesI used optical4less and they are very cheap.....

thanks for the link

some good info in this thread, Im having an eye test today so didnt know whether to buy online etc but I think im gonna go online see how it pans out!


As you need specialist lenses then yes maybe online, can high street … As you need specialist lenses then yes maybe online, can high street opticians not order them in?I wear glasses for driving and the like and I would definatley get them on the high street, as you can try before you buy, make sure they look good, if your lenses will sit well in the frame, have them tightened to fit your face, etc, etc.

Opticians can get whatever lenses you need in, if you can pay them will get them in lol.

that mse link says there are numbers etc on the frames for sizes, so you can try them on instore, find the model number/frame size and then go away and buy online ha, im just gonna measure my glasses i have atm and get a pair which are about the same size, mainly just wear them for tv use at home so im not too fussed.
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