Where Can I Buy Glowsticks In Manchester Area Today?

Found 23rd Jul 2008
As title suggests....

I have a photography shoot in a manchester nightclub tonight and have some good ideas I wanna try out, but I need some glowsticks.

Where can I buy them from?

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Army and Navy shops and camping shops
Arndale centre opposite argos there is a clubbing gear shop or on the arndale market.
I'm sure most party shops will sell them aswel, might be worth ringing a few first though....

I know............... the glowstick shop
poundland! I remember my bf's mum buying laods from there for a gig!
at least 1 of those should have some, thanks very much.... all repped.

failing that I shall then try the glowstick shop :roll:
Wilko do a pack of 15 for 99p MM
serious? that'll do.

ta very much sadie.
Deffo poundland or wilko's, poundland also had tubes with several in (not sure how many but probably also 15+) for... £1.
The tubes in Poundland contain 25 that are about 7 or 8 inches long
I have got all mine from poundland, they normally have them in. Worth a check. Normally its 30 in a tube, but sometimes they have different ones.
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