Where can I buy good quality non-branded clothing?

Found 3rd Apr 2009
Like hoodies, jumpers, t-shirts, jeans.

I've bought items before and the quality is terrible and they shrink in the wash in days.

Any help appreciated.
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You are saying non-branded stuff has shrunk in the wash? Tell me about it!

Why don't you buy mid-market designer clothes like FCUK, Firetrap etc.? Reasonably priced and last ages.
The truth is you can't but unfortunatley these clothes are the only ones some of us can afford
What about George from Asda?
like primark, a couple of washes then its no good.
Why don't you try TK Maxx, my OH picked up some French Connection t-shirts and Firetrap for about the same price as a Burtons/Next t-shirt and they have lasted really well compared to the high street stuff

like primark, a couple of washes then its no good.

Its dirt cheap tho so what it dosent realy matter right?
American Apparel
yepp tk maxx and primark

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