Where can I buy Manchester United shares?

    As above please. I have just spent an hour searching the net to no avail. I've come to teh conclusion that you can't buy them any more but thought it's worth a shot!



    why would you want to buy shares in Man.U?

    don't think you can buy them since uncle Malc took over

    Man U are not a listed company anymore!! Have you not heard the Whoo harr about the Glazers taking it off the stock market and building up debts in Man U's name?????

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    It sounds like some of the business men/women take over the clubs to slowly melt down the clubs and make a big profit without you noticing, like Portsmouth and there are alot of clubs with just one big owner who are in it for the profit.

    I bet there will be another club going down soon and have no explanations on where the drainage of profits have gone.


    obviously not a fan then lol
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