Where can I buy Old Jamaican Extra Fiery Ginger Beer

Found 30th Mar
Might be a bit of a strange request, but i have a serious craving for this drink that isnt quenched by anything else.

I did occasionally get it at my local supermarkets, Home Bargains, Morrisons, Tesco etc, but I havent seen any for a couple of months.

I know they appear to be available online but most superstores are out of stock.

So i need a shop in Bolton that sells the Extra Fiery Ginger Beer, and it is on their shelf.

Yours really thirsty
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sainsbury's sell it 35p per can sainsburys.co.uk/sho…0ml it was in our store in the world food isle.
niceroundpound1 h, 21 m ago

sainsbury's sell it 35p per can …sainsbury's sell it 35p per can https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/old-jamaica-extra-fiery-ginger-beer-330ml it was in our store in the world food isle.

Thank you will check my local store
lidle do them, £1.99 for 6 cans. or seen them in home BnM bargains, 3 cans for £1.
Just checked sainsburys bolton, no extra fiery.

On their website it says out of stock.
they are available at waitrose if there is one near you.
Teqnophile31 m ago

Thank you will check my local store

4 cans for £1 in Heron at the moment if you have a heron nearby this will be the best price I think

EDIT- apologies its not old Jamaican it's Idris. Not sure what it's like as I don't drink it.

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Will pop down to heron foods tomorrow and give it a try. It's not the same but might do the trick.
Have you tried Tesco's own fiery ginger beer in the 2l bottles. This has a bit of a kick and reasonably price at under £1 a bottle if I remember correctly.

Not bought it in a while but loved it when I did.

It's worth a try for the price even if you don't like it, but if you do.......

tesco.com/gro…080 I think this is the one, but they have changed the label since I last bought it.

4 cans for 99p too tesco.com/gro…503
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Maybe you can find it on Amazon?
They seem to sell other varieties of Old Jamaica ginger beer but not the one you want after checking
Check corner shops and pound shops too. I find they tend to sell varieties of drinks, chocolate bars etc. you don't find in supermarkets.
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I think there might be issues with the production of this as it seems to be out of stock even on some specialist websites.
Ive contacted Old Jamaican to see if they can clarify this shortage
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