Where Can I Buy Party Boxes - like Happy Meal boxes?

    We are having a kids birthday party and want to prepare a meal box for each child.

    Does anyone know where we might find a stockist for these?


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    this one has themed ones too which might be helpful. even better would be to get happy meals from mcdonalds !!!not healthy but will be a hit among kids- they get drink, food and toy too.

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    Thanks guys, looking at the prices it will almost be cheaper to get mcD's all round - if only they delivered!

    The boxes work out at about 40 - 45p inc. postage, add the drink, sandwich and biscuit, that must be close to £1.50 without

    a. it being McD's
    b. no cheap nasty toy that they all love
    c. 1000 calories!

    Decisions, decisions.

    makro do them if there is one near you

    [COLOR="Purple"]Birthdays do them..[/COLOR]

    Baker Ross do them...

    direct link -…htm

    asda cafe when nobody is looking:whistling:

    home bargains have them got some for my daughters was about 80p for 6 boxes if i remember right.
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