Where can I buy pork dim sum?

Found 15th Oct 2014
Years ago I ate some nice bbq pork dim sum. Don't remember where it was from, but are there any supermarkets that sell such a thing? Or just found in china town etc.
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Look for char sui or char sui bao

Legit chinese supermarket style
Or make your own ?


Or asda do a no bun /wrapped version with rice or noodles


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Chinese supermarket! They are located in most major city's. Manchester has a few like wing yip.
recommend Wing Yip
Agree at wing yip's frozen department. Go for the brand "Royal-china" dim sum , they are delicious !!.... you can choose from sticky rice, black bean spare ribs, prawn dim sum or pork dim sum etc. You just steam them yourself ......
Marks & Spencer have an Oriental range, unsure if they stock what you wanting as I'm vegetarian.

Prawn and Vegetable selection.
Jars of char sui sauce from most supermarkets. Definitely in Chinese markets.
Thanks for the replies everyone.

I'm gonna buy some char siu sauce from a local shop and give it a try and see if it's the right thing and then may attempt to make my own!

otherwise will order from starryasianmarket since there is no wing yip near me.
There are actually two varieties of barbecued pork - "Char Siu" as already mentioned, made from lean cuts of pork, typically leg of pork, and "Siu Yuk" which is delicious and not yucky at all, made from belly pork.

Look out for long red dangly things displayed in the window of some Chinese restaurants: the dark red, shiny, honey-glazed ones are Char Siu, the light red dryer ones are Siu Yuk. Just walk in and order a portion to take away.
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