Where can i buy school uniform for my tiny son? - help!


Well i know its a long way off but i try to budget and i have a feeling this is going to be tricky!

My son is nearly 3 but is only wearing 12-18m clothes. He was premature, but even so he is still a dinky tot! He starts pre-school in the june for the rest of term and then back as normal in september.

Even if i allow for a massive growth spurt (12-18m clothes are still a bit too big at times), i am realistically looking for 12-24m and 2-3 uniforms.

I need to find

White polo shirts
grey trousers
grey shorts
navy jogging bottoms
navy jumpers

any ideas? Ive checked with mothercare, george and m&s and they wont be stocking uniforms in these sizes.

thanks in advance.


same problem here-will pm you..

I had very similar probs with my daughter ( wasnt prem 2 weeks late but is still small almost 7 and about size of 4 yrs old) I had to go 4 black instead of grey and normal white t-shirts as none of the shops i went to had the stuff small enuf. GL with search.

jeez can see colours now-silly me!


these are the polos i got-they were v small and cute!

school pants i went all over for..old stock of Trutex went from age 3 and i turned them up-his inside leg was 11inches!!
Worth trying is BHS and Debenhams etc as they may have xmas or wedding occasion pants?

I also had a word with the school as they were more flexible for me-i found out some kids wore black or navy pants and my son also wore a jeans style pants. Markets also have small posh pants.
PE shorts i couldnt find...he wore his football kit ones(navy)

I am out and about looking for new uniform so if i see small stuff i will let you know?

tesco do the joggers in little sizes for about £2

john lewis

Just to add...i was desperate when my son started school as i struggled so hard to get things to fit. He is 6 1/2now and in age 4...so it wont be long before your little guy is the same im sure!


john lewis

they dont do it either...


this may be ok in 3-4 as i have the next size up and its not a big sizing...you may have to order in store-but its only £2 and they are excellent! if you want me to look im in Gemini m&s later this week-and im sure they had 3-4 yesterday in navy(i was buying 7-8 as i said come up small)


same problem here-will pm you..

you have a son louloo i didnt think you were old enough

Original Poster

oooh i didnt think of george online! they dont do the basic joggers in my store - thanks for the tip! - will order his joggers from there!

Thankyou to everyone! I dont feel so alone now trying to find tiny uniform!

Louloo thanks again for that website! I have just placed an order with them - phew!


you have a son louloo i didnt think you were old enough

funny man-i was a child bride:oops:
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