Where can I buy some nice wardrobe doors?


    We're after some new wardrobes for our new house, and I found these which have nice modern doors:…asp

    However, I thought instead of paying the £159 they want for each chasis, I could buy some Ikea Pax chasis for £50 and fit some nice doors to it.

    Does anyone know of anywhere selling wardrobe doors at a decent price?

    I've found plenty of sites that all appear different but have the exact same stock, like this one:…htm

    But they are really expensive, and would cost me £600 for 4 doors!

    Does anywhere know of anywhere else I shold try?



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    recently had the same issue
    had to give up and buy sliding doors from b&q
    and then they go and knock £48 off per door
    best of luck bud but i kept being told the door's are the most expencive part
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