Where can I buy the entire collection of the Goosebumps books? Not the 18 or 10 boxsets I've seen..?

Found 26th Sep 2014
Not sure how many books there are in total, but I used to get one one week as a kid, and now my kids are reading books, I'd like them to read the books I read as a child.
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There's a set of 62 on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Goosebumps-Collection-Horror-Books-Titles/dp/B00GLR6CEY

Edit: Cheaper on ebay ebay.co.uk/itm…216
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Ah, a lot more than I was expecting to pay!
Oh my I remember those

Ah, a lot more than I was expecting to pay!

Might be harder to get a complete set, but you'd probably get them cheaper by going to a carboot and possibly at some charity shops. I'm sure you could find a fair amount that way and there's always ebay and Amazon for the rest.
Thing is I haven't got the time nor inclination to do that, so just looks like I'll buy a set online or find them digitally.
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