Where can I buy this fruit?

    Any seen this fruit in the UK before? I go to Asian supermarkets and that kind of place quite often but still haven't found the Kiwano.


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    Civic EG6;5962502

    Asda maybe.

    Try an African food shop, Asian shops wont do it

    I was about to say asda, they have them in Great Bridge and thats hardly the most cosmopolitan area...

    Think they are in tesco exotic fruits.

    fruit markets is where you will get that one and its disgusting!

    i love your avatar

    Is this not the thing that smells awful (like corpses) but tastes really nice (not like corpses)?

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    No thats the Durian

    Unfortunately i've found it

    Jurassic park!

    Ann Summers?

    Farm Town?


    Ann Summers?




    this is a jackfruit no? … this is a jackfruit no?

    Whatever....... It stinks like sewage!

    Is Jackfruit and breadfruit the same thing? Durian deffo is the stinker!


    oh sorry forgot to add that the fruit you are looking for is called a *****ly pear i think, (cactus fruit)

    lol you can say dick but not p r i c k l y

    It's a fish? no?


    It's a fish? no?

    very cute. It has anime eyes


    quick kill it :-Don a more serious note what the hell is it?


    try an African food store :thumbsup:

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    No, Durian and Jack Fruit are different.


    this is a jackfruit no? … this is a jackfruit no?

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