Where can I download Microsoft Office Word for free?

Found 11th Mar
Does anyone know where I can download Microsoft Office Word for free? I’ve seen replicas but would prefer the original software, I’m not too bothered if it’s an older version either.

Thank you.
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So you want MS word without paying??
So you want MS word without paying??
You can't. It's commercial software. You can either buy it at retail, on discount via a workplace / studyplace offer, buy a hooky key from someone, or pirate it.
You can use the online version of Microsoft office for free or go for the open source word equivalent, this is Libre office as that's what I have used for years
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Use it in a library or buy it try ebay
Try creating an Office 365 developer account here.
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Isn't office 2003 free? For some reason I seem to remember this version now being free to use
If its just word you want take a look at Abiword. It's free and works great. Will probably do what you want. I used to use but I installed libre for the full office suite package.
Try to see whether you can get it cheap through your workplace (think its normally under £10 for full office suite).
I use open office.
Use google drive.
Free version here.
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