Where can I download television programmes?

    I had 2 links for sites where I can watch television programmes with streaming (or whatever it's called) so that I don't need to download them, does anyone know of any?

    I am particulary looking for those David Attenborough nature programmes "Planet Earth" and "Blue planet"




    I might be thick - but can't see how to download from there?

    most use bit torrent as its free. if its ok with the mods i can post a link where you can watch most shows over the net. just install the divx codec and web player, which you would need if your going to download the shows as most are in divx or avi format.




    Love this site, my kids watch old cartoons on this. At the moment they are loving Trapdoor:)



    Not seen this before, nice site, just enjoying the first eppisode of Red Dwarf again :thumbsup:

    another good one is joox, need divx web player installed but has quite a good selection

    ]heres another

    Original Poster

    Thanks jasonrat, really good site - rep left!


    I might be thick - but can't see how to download from there?

    They all download to your cashe when you click on them, so you've just got to find them.

    uknova, if you can get in!

    Has anyone used a site called GUBA?

    A lot of stuff on TVlinks and alluc goes there, but I can never get them to work...

    I've been watching Sex and the City on tv-links but now most of the episodes have disappeared! I'm not exaggerating when I say that this has been very traumatic for me. I've had to make do with Louis Theroux!

    I I use tv links for lost when i can't be bothered to download!

    apparently ITV has some sort of catch up thing on their website.. where you can go back years, even decades.. also ch4 has their 4od... tbh I don't know much else but I hope that helps.. all really depends on which programs and channels etc.


    Got a new one found today
    need to install a viwer though
    not many channels but spike tv is a good one
    normally shows csi etc
    watching star trek now
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