Where can I find a cake Peters the bakery used to make?

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Found 4th Jul 2014
My local Peters used to make a lovely cake called a jap cake. They're only enough for one, It was meringue with a choc drop on the top with cream. It was lovely. I just fancy one and don't know anywhere else that makes them, does anyone else know?

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Can't help in finding them, but could you try making them yourself?

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I wouldn't know where to start! Thanks though x

Found this, thought it might be of interest to you and where you might find them Your text here
They sound scrummy, wish Morrisons would sell them. (Looks like they could also be called Jap Fancies and the short name of 'Jap' refers to the style of making the meringue 'japonaise' rather than any reference to Japan.
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Thanks for that. They sound very similar. They look different but home made always does. Thanks very much xx
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