where can i find a freeview box

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Found 5th Feb
looking for a cheap standard freeview box. all the supermarkets, currys,argos. have stop selling them . used to pick them up for under a tenner


car boot sales if they gave started back yet or ry local as gumtree. or this this on ebay item no 302216157457

Not so common now as most TVs from last few years have FV integrated. This item with benefit of HD and recording via USB may tick your boxes (sic) £15 ebay.co.uk/itm…617

or try charity shops

argos has them


or try charity shops

I absolutely agree with Hocky. If there's one thing charity shops don't have a shortage of, it's digi-boxes. I see em' all the time. Usually £2-3 at the most. I bet if you went round your local town at your next convenience, you'd pick one up. Other than that, all the other suggestions are good - i.e. Gumtree, Ebay etc. CEX (www.webuy.com) even have a Sony 500gb Freeview recorder for £18 + £2.50 postage if that tickles your fancy.

Tesco Outlet eBay.

Think I might have one knocking around somewhere...yours if you want to cover postage costs? Unless ur anywhere near Preston and want to pick it up?

Ask around as I'm sure you will find someone with one not being used. Just go to a car boot sale and you will find one. Cash converters have them to along with charity shops if they deal with electrical kit.

Let me have a look i may have a goodmans freeview recordable box somewhere Used but still in original box. Remember buying it from b&m for £19.99 few years ago refuced from about £79.99 If i find it, welcome to it at postage cost. I know i have it in the house somewhere just may take few days to dig it out.

The NOW TV Smart Box also has built-in Freeview HD Tuner. £54.99 including 5 Month pass at present. Gives you the option of keeping the sub for the sky channels afterwards or just use as stand alone when included subs run out. Catchup apps also.

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