Where can I find a small amount of cheap masonry paint?

Found 5th Feb 2015
I have only a small area to paint, just a couple of concrete lintels, but I can't find a small amount, only big tins at £20+ a throw. I'm thinking a litre might be too much even.

Just want a small quantity of white masonry paint. Anyone know where I can find such please? Or can I use 'any-old-paint'?

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IIRC sample pots are 99p in Wickes - just buy as many as you need


I was looking at masonry paint yesterday. The tester pots of masonry paint seem to be a lot larger than standard paint testers. The dulux weathershield tester pots are 250ml and the sandtex ones are 150ml. Not sure if that'd be enough but you could get a couple. Or else sometimes masonry paint comes in 750ml tins.

Try poundshops too.

Just adding a comment to keep track off this question as I would like to know too due to being in the same position. Last time round, I'd say I used less than a fifth of the tin and the rest was spoiled by the next summer.

I'm not sure if this would work on masonry but I don't see why not. Worth a try.
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Yes stonework is in the description.


I'm not sure if this would work on masonry but I don't see why not. Worth … I'm not sure if this would work on masonry but I don't see why not. Worth a try. 8)http://www.uktoolcentre.co.uk/Shop/p~61704~Premium-Spray-Paint-Satin.html?nosto=Addtobasket

I have to say, there's no way I'd use Plastikote on lintels.

We went to B&Q a few nights ago and they had a tin of clearance paint in which sandtex and other big ones were £10.. Reduced.


iv got increased moist on my walls now since painting my external walls so please think before!

local tip/recycling centre - they usually have a special shed for paint pots so could always see if there's some there and sneak it out.

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Just a quick update. The cheapest masonry paint I have found in small quantities is from The Range.

Granocryl by Leyland, so not bad make.

2.5lt for £5.99 and 5lt for £9.99. Much better price than anywhere online that I've found.

They have lots of colours and both smooth and textured.

Not tried it yet, but it looks fine.
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