Where can I find a waistcoat similar to the Governors from the Walking Dead?

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Found 1st Jan 2013
I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can find a waistcoat/vest similar to the one worn by the Governor from the Walking Dead TV Show?

I'm a 44" chest, I'll add some photo's below

Any help appreciated, I don't mind looking myself but not sure what exactly the waistcoat would be named as... Is it leather, quilted, a waistcoat, vest or body warmer?


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Probably something to do with shooting - Im saying this because of the shoulder pad section

To me it looks like a Barbour Gillet.

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Yeah I saw some Barbour products that looked somewhat similar, I doubt i will find the exact one because this is likely tailor made for the character

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I will keep looking, I think I can find one that is a good dark blue, which is my favourite colour. I'm not exactly what colour his is, sometimes it looks green, others it looks grey or blue

It's a shooting gilet

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Thanks everyone, I'm think I'm getting close to what I want, I've found a few I like, I can always customise them if I want.

I think your right, it's a shooting gilet

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I like that one alot debbiii, its a shame its not a zip-up, I'm not keen on buttons


That's Zip front

hope this is for fancy dress

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Haha, yeah I'm not going to spend a whole lot on it. As long at has that quilted effect and has a zip and is the colour blue, I think I'll be happy... I'm asking much, haha

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hope this is for fancy dress

It is yes, however I can see myself wearing it in the summer aswell, I quite like the look


Eulyn Womble is the costume designer. Ask her!
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Oh if it's cheap your looking for most high street stores probably stock this style.

Or try a riding gilet. Here

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https://mobile.twitter.com/EulynCHWEulyn Womble is the costume designer. … https://mobile.twitter.com/EulynCHWEulyn Womble is the costume designer. Ask her!

Wow thanks, didn't expect so much info, I will give her a try, let her know I appreciate her work while I'm at it :-)

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Oh if it's cheap your looking for most high street stores probably stock … Oh if it's cheap your looking for most high street stores probably stock this style.Or try a riding gilet. Here

Thanks, yes its only supposed to look the part really. If I like the look then I can always look for something more expensive later in the year


As said above, quite expensive altho this one is quite nice I think.
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Thats it mark, thats the one!


Now just need to track down where I can buy one, I wonder what price I'm looking at, looks expensive

Thank You ALL for your help, I really appreciate it.

I will keep looking but I've save a few you've all mentioned in case the actual one is too expensive.

Wish me Luck!

It was £140 in Bloomingdales but has sold out there.

They call it a microfibrer riding vest

We all expect a photo now of you kitted out in your outfit

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Haha, well I got another month til my brothers fancy dress party but wanted to start looking sooner rather than searching at the last minute!

Mission before bed is to find one for you! Lol

Off to search....

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It was £140 in Bloomingdales but has sold out there.They call it a … It was £140 in Bloomingdales but has sold out there.They call it a microfibrer riding vest

£140 seems like a fair price considering the quality, and it is the exact same one the Governor wears...

I wonder if I will need an eyepatch to go with it... I will find out when Walking Dead returns next month

Sold out at Barneys. They had it for £562!

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Sold out at Barneys. They had it for £562!

Wow thats a bit out my price range, LOL!

Honestly tho, you have done enough, you don't have to stay up searching for me, I feel bad, you doing all this for me!

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I'm thinking it might be easier to get hold of in America?



11.67 delivered here

They're fugly though.

its just for fancy dress tho

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Yeah But I take my fancy dress very seriously, hahaha

Sorry, I can't find a UK stockist and it appears to be sold out in America. I've searched ebay UK and .com but can't find it on there but it still could be if they have called it something different to my search of a vest as it is called by Barneys and Bloomingdales. It could be listed under gillet, waistcoat, sleeveless jacket.

I have found this info for other accessories

Airsoft sidearm-



Just an update, The Gov's pistol is a Beretta 92FS Inox and his belt knife is a Ka-Bar 1221. He also wears two keys around his neck, one skeleton and one small unknown.

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Thanks Mark, I couldn't find it anywhere either.

And thanks again for the rest of the info, I knew about the keys and tbh I was just going to get a bog standard knife and pistol, lol. But I appreciate the extra info, I'm thinking this costume is going to take longer than I thought if I really want to perfect it.

However I could have a cheaper costume for now and add to it gradually :-)

Thanks again tho, I have a lot of info written down thanks to you and everyone, I'll start searching again tomorrow, because I'm dead tired now, hahah

Nite all, thanks again for the help

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Just thought I'd let you all know that the official vest he wears is near impossible to find. So I'm just going to get one that looks similar, I now have some good range of reference of what exactly to buy thanks to you all

I really do appreciate the help
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