Where can I find best deal for chocolate Canon Ixus 80?

    Does anyone know of any good deals on the Canon Ixus 80? I want the chocolate coloured one. It's just over £117 delivered on Amazon and the cheapest I've found is £112 through Bite Size Deals. It was £107 at Tesco Direct but was out of stock when I tried to buy and now they've said it's discontinued, bah! Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


    Looks to me that £112 is the best you'll get. As ever, it's a gamble whether stock is such that the price will dive as new models come in or whether they actually made about the right number and they all got sold for a decent price (don't laugh, it does happen sometimes).

    If you're happy with the camera itself and you think that supply may be limited then it would undoubtedly be best to go for the deal you've found. After all, it may be a choice between an extra £5 and no camera at all.

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    You're probably right, it just hurts me to pay more for something that was a bit cheaper before everywhere before Xmas. Still, knowing me then it would go up in price again while I think about it! Thanks:thumbsup:
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