Where can i find lots of cheap toys!?

    Im looking to get lots of small things for my 6 yr old sister, she doesnt play with anything long enough to buy anything expensive. Shes a bit of a tomboy..

    Does anyone know any websites/stores?



    Have a look at Wilkinson Plus. There's been loads of posts today. There are lots of toys/games with 50% off and when you get to the checkout there's another 50% off…028

    This'll be £2.50! Bargain



    Great minds!!

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    haha thank you, but i didnt really find anything on there theres not much choice. any other suggestions?

    Home bargains.

    what about this website... not used it myself so wouldnt no if to reccomend itor not but here you go:

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    thank you! :D:D woolies is a good idea i just have to find one thats still open now...

    Sounds a bit funny, but have you thought of charity shops? They often get brand new things that are unwanted/misguided/wrong age group/doubled up and donated. Worth a look maybe.

    Have you looked through Argos at all? There are lots of reductions on there.

    I don't know your budget but I have found these my 6 yr old boy is interested in:…htm

    I'll try to come back and see if I can find some cheaper stuff - unfortunately my husband wants the computer NOW!

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    thanks butterflies, my sis seems to have eveything! my mums giving her he old lil mp3 player! the word spoilt does come to mind ... teehee


    big nono, charity shops are often more expensive than high street shops, … big nono, charity shops are often more expensive than high street shops, they take the pure lend, my local one's do anyway, jeesh i tried haggling the other day, they weren't having it!! t-shirt rrp £3.50, my charity shop £4!!!!used!!!!!

    There is one in a little town by where we live - nice people who work there and have items at the nicer end of charity shop things if you know what I mean. We take all our stuff there and buy loads of books, all £1 and buy two get one free, most look like new or read once. Yours sounds a little up its own bottom!


    pound shop, i've got some great bits from there, x

    We went to the School Christmas Bizarre yesterday, and they had NEW toys donated, which were being sold at bargain prices. My neice picked up a digital camera for £2, I got a 2009 Annual for £1.

    Have you got any schools advertising their bizarres near you? Worth a look!

    Also at Argos…htm

    We have this Jenga game - and it's a game you can play on your own - but better with others…htm

    I loved this as a child - and I was a tomboy too!

    I don't know if you have looked at Argos but there are lots of low priced things to buy.

    Obviously if your sister has everything - then it's going to be tough finding anything original
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