Where can i find single bed with bed beneath (not bunk)

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Found 23rd Dec 2008
I'm after the type of single bed that has a pull out bed underneath it,argos have a few and tesco direct has some but none that really catch my eye,any other ideas as to where i could look (online) please?

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http://www.johnlewis.com/Home+and+Garden/Bedroom/+Beds+/Guest_2fFolding+Bed/4907/ProductType.aspxhttp://www.johnlewis.com/230523565/Product.aspxkinda pricey but are they the sort you mean?

yeah thats the sort of thing i wang bella but not at those prices lol

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oh bed worls got a few nice ones still pricey but guess im not going to get one cheap!

ikea .

yeah they do seem a bit pricy. will keep having a look see if i can see any other sites

this one isn't too bad...what sort of frame would you like? wood? metal?

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http://www.bedworld.net/beds_mattresses/33OXFBF--/Bedworld_Discount__Oxford_Pine_Guest_Bed_Frame.htmlthis one isn't too bad...what sort of frame would you like? wood? metal?

oh thats nice,would prefer wooden really,had argos beds before and to be honest they werent all that,some of the beds you have to buy the bed then but the guest bed frame then buy the matresses which is making it work out very expensive,really like this one.........

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http://www.bensonsforbeds.co.uk/home.aspxPersonally I like this one, and … http://www.bensonsforbeds.co.uk/home.aspxPersonally I like this one, and it doesn't seem too bad a price.http://www.bensonsforbeds.co.uk/GuestSofaBeds/GuestBed/Hip_Hop_3_in_1;599.aspx

oh now thats better priced and with matresses too well done bella :thumbsup:

what about this one on ebay?

look at this one last one left

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thanks will take a look

did u manage to get a bed?
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