where can i find this adapter, have been looking everywhere but i can find the UK

    well its basically a 2x RCA adapter (female) with a 3.5mm jack which is also female

    does anybody know where i can find this wire??

    heres a link to one i found for the U.S but preferrably looking for one in the UK…196

    any help will be much appreciated!


    Just get any version of the cable and then use male-female adapters as required.

    thats just a headphone splitter, tesco used to sell them for 97p. most headphone splitters are purely 3.5mm but you can usually pick these up in places like maplins

    here's one…M17

    edit nope thats not quite right

    you can always plug an rca to jack cable into a headphones splitter, and just don't use the male jack on the splitter.

    bit messy but you might have those bits lying around already.

    Original Poster

    thanks for all your help guys!!
    especially you boogie!! i've been looking everywhere for one of them and i couldnt find it, i might have to jus order this one!

    p.s - i want to connect my xbox 360 to my monitor, and on youtube i believe it is done like this...and other methods possible??
    i got a standard flatscreen vga monitor
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