where can i get a 21.5 inch width fridge/freezer? Cheapish!

    sounds abit silly but my kitchen space is so narrow i cant seem to find any with a small enough width
    I have measured 21.5 seems to be the width
    if anyone has got any recommendations i would be ever so greatful obviously the cheaper the btter but not to bothered as long as its a pretty decent narrow fridge freezer


    maybe one from a caravan? would only be a fridge with an ice box tho i'd've thought. that is a very narrow space, can't you put a fridge freezer somewhere else? or maybe move stuff around to fit an under counter fridge, and put a freezer somewhere else?

    That size is not that narrow, look for built in fridge freezers they tend to be narrower.

    I calculate your gap to be about 546mm, about the same size as mine.

    Hi, My Dad got a slimline one from Argos about 2 years ago, might be worth a look
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