Where Can I Get A Am Dab Radio

    Hi having trouble finding a AM dab radio does anyone know where i can get one from preferably from argos as i bought one today and noticed it only plays FM and they have that £5 voucher scheme.


    Argos do a micro hi-fi that has a separate am receiver - I think it's by Panasonic and costs £120.

    By nature, the eqiupment to receive am signals is bigger in size, so you don't tend to get it built in to small portable devices. BTW, DAB is fm only just to clarify - it's a separate receiver component that picks up the am signals.


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    thats too expensive anything cheaper?

    Check out - they have some nice ones on there.

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    thanks for looking but need something cheaper i dont wanna shell out £90 for a radio if you get what i mean.

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    I think the problem is that DAB radios with AM are a rarity, I know I had problems finding one when I looked.

    The one I posted was the cheapest I could find

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    wow, so i wasnt the only one.
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