where can i get a cheap barbie "my house" and high school musical singing sharpay?

    my little girl is after these for her birthday.

    cheapest i've seen the house is £45 which seems a lot.

    the sharpay doll sings a song called "fabulous" apparently.

    oh, she also likes bratz dolls as well so if anyone knows of any stores knocking them out at a decent price, let me know.


    Tesco normally does good deals on HSM and Bratz items. I have loads of Bratz dolls that my daughter no longer plays with - they are in excellent condition and a couple have never been played with if you were interested in nearly new dolls. She also had a singing sharpay - I can have a look and she if she's still got it up in her room somewhere. I understand if you'd rather have new - just thought I'd offer

    If you have any of these ]stores near you, ive seen cheaper bratz dolls in there. Same with the previous post on Tescos.

    The other things im not sure on atm..I shall have a looksie
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