Where can I get a cheap crystal studded microphone?

    My daughetr has asked for a crystal mic (not real cus she aint the best singer in town-much as I lover her I have to be a realist!!)
    I have looked on the net and can only come up with genuine mics that are in the region of £200 (plus!). I was thinking more like a tenner!! Its just for a stocking filler pressie- not to audition for the next series of X Factor.
    Any ideas anyone? (Decent ones that is!)


    how old is she?

    i can find the real thing or hannah montana etc type mic. I have found cheap in a google search jewelry with crystals which are microphones or mobile phone crystal headsets? any good?

    You could always buy a cheap plastic one and decorate it with some stick on crystals, maybe add her initial on there for a personal touch.

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    she is 12- not keen on making one. Thamks rep added to all who replied:thumbsup:
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