where can i get a cheap printer and cheap ink

    im looking for a basic printer and one that i can buy cheap ink for anyone know where best to buy 1 from thanks

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    The best value for printer would be a canon IP4600 which you can buy from canon direct sales via eBay from as little as £40 I have used this series of printers for the over the past 5 yrs so I will try and tell you why this printer is so good . . it take 5 separate inks costing less than £10 each (shop around for best price or refill your self) it can print borderless prints, can print both sides( which it ideal for printing from a large pdf file making booklets , is has a lower photo tray and well as the normal top paper feed (which means you can have your A4 plain paper in the top feed and your photo paper in the bottom ) you can print direct from your camera ipic socket. Depending on how you configured the printer it can give you a pre view before printing, comes with good printing software and offering some good utilities such as Water mark plus printer maintenance and the other great thing is it can print on CD's / DVD's . . canon have a number printers which offer more the this printer including build in wifi & scanner the other advantages of canon printers are that the printer heads are user replaceable I have 3 canon printers and have been using the older ip5300 for the past two years printing 1000's of prints for my small photo printing business most of the time I refill the cartridges myself I hope this helps in your search for a good cheap printer oh and the print quality is very good also - Paul
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