where can i get a cheap ps3 copy of the orange box?

    its in smyths toy store for £10 is that a good price? How much will on average is it sold for here? Tia


    Not sure what an average price is... but I know that the console versions of Team Fortress 2 (if that's what you're getting the game for) aren't updated anywhere near as much as the PC version is. Anyway, it's worth £10 for half life 2 and portal in my opinion. Hope this helps a bit :thumbsup:

    Edit: Seems to be going for about £9 - £15 on ebay

    £10 is a good price, you might pick it up for about 8 used on here. Awesome game for the money. Have it on PS3 myself bought because loved it on pc, was not dissapointed.
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