Where can i get a cheap usb DVD player?

    Hi i'm looking for a reasonably priced usb dvd player, anybody know any good deals anywhere. thanks

    6 Comments do very reasonable dvd players with usb input. they start around £20…914

    plus delivery of a few quid upwards

    i have one which cost me about £30, it works fine albeit the usb function is redundant as my new lg plasma has a great usb input.

    i personally think dvd's are in the past now - downlaods are the way forward - several dvd's i've tried to play lately have struggled maybe because of very minor scratches or whatever - digital is the way forward, got a load of series on a usb stick which i can access anytime

    I got a blu-ray/dvd/usb Foehn and Hirsch player from Ebuyer, try that.

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    yeah a dvd player with a usb port, i have a philips one, that i use to play downloads on, i think i've played 1 dvd on it! my aunt wants to get one for her daughter, i think i paid £40 a few years ago so was hoping they were cheaper now.Thanks.

    Darthchaffinich do you have a link for that blu ray player was looking for one but the info on usb players is rubbish, already got caught out on tv was told it played a usb only to find out he meant music and photos only.

    At the moment I use my Ps3 which is great for the usb but was wanting something for upstairs

    daminit it's been discontinued!
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