Where can I get a CRT TV with free/cheap delivery?

Found 28th Sep 2010
Question is in the title.

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- Breadboy
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report the thread for a mod to move, ud get a cheap crt on gumtree or in cashconverters id have thought, not sure about how good either would be with delivery though
Freecycle is probably your best bet in terms of finance (there's loads that go on the Manchester one) and you might get lucky in a charity shop however as a word of warning I've taken the old CRT to uni this year and although the picture quality isn't very good which I can live with the TV itself is really quite noisy. Just a friendly heads up
the 80's.
while free cycle is sometimes good, register at your peril its pretty hellish with emails and stuff
gumtree but depends on size and brand u want
Go your local tip. mine had tonnes of them there
where are you OP, I have a Sony I am looking to get rid of.
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I'm in London.

@everybody else: didn't you see that I wanted one with free/cheap delivery? Collecting it myself is not an option...
go to cash converters or a charity shop in town and get a taxi back with it.... though that might well be a bit pricey in london, i wouldnt know im a northerner
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