Where can I get a curved toilet brush

Found 18th Dec 2014
Please can anyone direct me where I can get a curved ended toilet brush that can get into all the corners, preferably any shop I can walk into and get one as delivery online may be delayed, but online would be ok too

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just buy a straight one and bend it

Anne Summers. oO

Asda sell them

Lidl do a brush, on specials, normal brush with a looped brush coming off at an angle, that fits under the rim. I always buy about 3. First time I used it I was horrified oO.

Looks like this but not more than £2.50. Wouldn't be without my Lidl one.

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Asda sell them

Really I have never seen it in asda I would go and check

I would also keep an eye out in LIDl for the next deal


Use your old tooth brush.

Scuba scrub scrub.

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Thanks I got this from ASDA for £2

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And I found this in tesco for £2, I think this is for dishes, but I can use it for the toilet because it can get into all the corners,
But the main thing I would to help with the cleaning was to put on some gloves and scoop out all the water inside the toilet bowl then add bleach or lime scale remover then use these brushes to scrub.

Thanks for all your help I know I can always count on the ASK section here to solve my problems!

If you're trying to get rid of limescale then pop down to a pound shop and get the parazone tablets to clean the toilet. I moved into a house which I think the previous tenants never bothered to clean the loo and after trying so many different things turned out the cheapest method was really effective. Got rid of every last speck of dirt would highly recommend it.
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