Where can i get a decent

    Electric car for my little girl. It is her 2nd birthday soon, I would love to get her one but dont want a cheap looking one . I would rather one that looks like a real car . All the ones I have found are far to expensive. I only really want to spend £100 as i have already got her a 10 ft trampoline and swap top kitchen plus other bits and bobs. If anyone knows of any places please let me know. Tah x


    I don't know of any off the top of my head,but think you bought loads already!

    10ft trampolines,whats the age rating? I thought most them larger ones were from 5+,think you might need to go on it with her.

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    I think it is for over 5s but her nana has one and she is always on it and i wouldnt just let her on it un supervised ,plus i know i will be haveing a go now and again x

    My son had the yellow Corvette and it was absolutely fab! I sold it on here after he got too old/big for it. Looking at fleabay, there is also a pink one --> check out item no 110385732034. Prob too far for you and collection but gives you an idea!

    I got ours from toys r us, pink jeep cost us about £80 and its great


    I got ours from toys r us, pink jeep cost us about £80 and its great

    That's where i got my son;s yellow corvette from as well. Very good value.

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    Ok thanks all i will have a look on ebay and in toys r us x
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