Where can I get a gmail account?

    I know it's just for beta testers at the moment but I wanna be one!

    Does anyone know where I can get an account from?

    Many thanks in advance!


    slinks, PM me with your email addy and i'll send you an invite

    infact i've got a couple spare, so if anyone would like an invite just pm me, i'll post here when they've all gone

    Same here , I've got 4 invites going so just pm me your e-mail address and i'll invite you.

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    thanks guys! *hug*

    very kind of u xx

    I've just sent an invite to slinks, and now have 2 left. So if you want one then pm me ;).

    What's a beta tester?

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    What's a beta tester?

    it's a preview version so not available to the general public yet until it's been tested

    I wouldn't mind trying this out :mrgreen: any more invites left guys :?: Please

    rayman, pm me with your email addy and i'll send you an invite.

    Ok folks only one invite left now that I've sent one to rayman, pm me if you want it :D.

    Thanks very much bobajob I appreciate it.

    do you have to use your gmail account a certain amount in order to be able to give invites away?

    Discogod, i've not had loads of email traffic with my gmail account and yet they have twice given me 6 invites to give away.

    Were you after an invite for an account??

    no thanks mate, i've already got one, given 12 of my own away but would like more!

    well if anybody else would like an invite then PM me

    ive given mine all out. if i get sum more ill let u know!

    i have 6 going here contact me if you want 1

    Thats really good of you wagster, and welcome to HUKD.

    I'm also looking for a Gmail.... :?

    You can check here:…php

    I'm now out of invites :(, but i'll let you all know if i get any more.

    If anyone wants a gmail account - I have one more left.

    I need a Gmail Account, been looking for one for ages now. could someone please invite me? much appreciated
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