Where can i get a good for MONEY package Nintendo DS???

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Found 10th Nov 2006
HI my daughters want a nintendo ds for xmas. I have been looking for a really good bargain deal (console with games) but unsure on where to look first???? PLEASE can any one Help me decide on where is the best place to get a nintendo ds package deal. I will need to buy 2 package deals!!!!!:roll:

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Places to start:



I think that GameStation has the best deal at the moment - I think that you will get a £10 voucher for shopping at Argos (£100+ spend I think)

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Hi thank you for quick reply!!
Can i ask another question don't mean to sound thick but what is the best nintendo ds to have the original or the lite as i am unsure on what the differance is???

The lite is a better design and a lot smaller. The gamestation deal for the lite is very good £109.99 with any game (game could be up to £29.99 so £80.00 for the console is good)

This is the one to go for:
Nintendo DS Lite Black New Plus New Super Mario Bros plus another FREE Game plus free starter pack. £129.99


excellent value

I bought one for my little brother the other day; Gamestation £104.99 for a black DS Lite + Lego Star Wars 2 (out of a choice of four)+ starter pack. Possibly beats the deal poppy posted depending on what games you want... you games easily available under the £25 mark so you can buy anything you want with it (and it'll probably cost less... Plenty of two for thirty type offers, and a fair few games around the ten pounds mark now. Possibly even better saving the vash till after crimbo for the sales on the games.)

My sons had both the original and Lite versions of the DS. The Lite wipes the floor with the original.

Brightness is the major winner, as you can adjust it alot, and the brightest setting is unbelievable.

Also the battery life is alot better, it's the right size for fitting in your pocket/bag and for little hands.

there are some good video reviews on Utube.

Hi. Using a 10% discount code, and the £25 off code at LXdirect, you can get a black DS lite for £68 (delivered).

Didn't order yet though, I asked a few questions redarding LXDirect on the other thread in HotDeals, but no-one responded :(.
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