Where can I get a Micro SD card reader? Like now!

Found 12th Nov 2009
Where can I get a Micro SD card reader USB please...not online, as I really need it quite urgently? I bought one on ebay last saturday and it's yet to arrive. A cheapo one would do great. Checked in local poundland, but they didn't have any. Thanks in advance!


well it's half 5 now. umm can you put it in a phone that has a cable / bluetooth?

Jessops / camera shops would probably at least have the adaptor cards to make a micro sd a full size card where you can then get regualr card readers almost anywhere.

maplin might have one, they're open till 8.

i think my sister mentioned seeing one in sainsbury's but it was a very big sainbury's

dont know where u are in the country, but down here in sw, bp garages are doing one for a couple of quid
our local morrisons also does them, so maybe worth a try

tescos do em. i got one for a fiver last week.

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Thanks, people. Don't have a morrisons nearby. Will check out BP and Tesco or will go first thing tomorrow morning to Maplin.

dont you have something like a mobile phone which you can connect and use it as a reader?

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I've got a mobile with a slot for the micro sd, but I need an adapter to connect it to the laptop for some additional work.

Go to Staples

congratulations! you chose late night shopping day

Most the places are mentioned already.

Westfields (sheppards bush) - if its close, phone shops, argos

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Plug the phone into the laptop?

I'll give that a whack actually. Why didn't I think of that earlier....:thinking:

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Now, I can't find the usb cable for my phone...so annoying...:x
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