Where can I get a plush sackboy?

    My son has asked for a plush sackboy for Xmas I have found two at firebox a small and large one. Does anyone have one of these who can comment on quality or does anyone know where I can get others. Thanks in advance.
    He loves sackboy. We already have a posable plastic one. Surprised the new game isn't out till January.

    9 Comments had them

    large for a tenner

    dunno if any left

    just checked, £9.49

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    18cm one for £5.99 and free delivery at (pre-order, due for release on 3rd December) and the 32cm one is £9.49 ( in stock ) good prices as the Firebox one at £7.99 is only 12cm.

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    Thanks alot guys. Definitely better price. Hopefully get one from Appreciate all your help.
    You are all Santa's little helpers.

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    Ordered from play for £9.49. Not sure if exactly the same but a better price than the firebox £14.99 for the bigger one. Still in stock as well.

    Little Big Planet 2 should have been out in time for christmas but (my son tells me) its been delayed untill Jan 2011...hopefully he will spend some of his christmas money in getting it...everyone is giving him money as just had his birthday and has NO idea what he wants!!

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    Yes that's what my son will be getting with some of his money. He's actually been going back to the first one in anticipation of the next one again.

    Argos had a basket full out at fosse park, Leicester, not sure whether selling nationwide. Think they were £4.99

    Glad you got one Goofeys Girl I hope your son loves it!! Have a good christmas
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