Hi,does anyone know where i can get a decent kingsize mattress for the least amount of money,we desperately need one as waking up with aches and pains every day is becoming a bit too much now,we dont want a mattress topper as we dont really see the need for one.
All help will be greatfully recieved,thanks for taking the time to read this x


Any shop selling beds :thumbsup:

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Any shop selling beds :thumbsup:

Jeez u think,thank for that,i might try it,lmao;-)


Jeez u think,thank for that,i might try it,lmao;-)

Google is everyones friend :thumbsup:



Charity shops :thumbsup:

Sainsburys online was the cheapest when I was looking.



I know this place is quite cheap, but I think buying a cheap mattress is a false economy, especially if you have back pain.


If you've got a company round your way called 'The Bed Shed'

I got mine from there, it was loads cheaper than everywhere else I tried (didnt check online though)

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Thanks all,will try the places listed

From my post in another thread......


Visit your local Dreams store and try all of them until you know what you … Visit your local Dreams store and try all of them until you know what you want, then....LEAVE QUICKLY !!!!!!! before they rape your pocket. Make a note of the exact spec (spring type, number of springs, wadding materials, turnable, topper, memory foam etc etc etc) and then do some Googling on bed websites to find the same spec, from the same manufacturer, but with a different item name, and a MUCH lower price.I did this last week. After selecting a Sleepeezee 'Cairo' at 1150, discounted to 950, then offered at 850, but plus 35 delivery and the option of a 40 quid ten year warranty, in the Dreams store, I went home and looked to see which Sleepeezee mattress has 2000 pocket springs which provide extra firm (orthopaedic) support, with four rows of side-stitching and wool+cashmere wadding. I very quickly found the Sleepeezee Ultimate Backcare 2000 was identical in everything but price, and featured (here's the tenuous clue) 'Cairo' damask fabric. I ordered it from ]www.bedworld.net for 409 inc free delivery, less 10% Quidco, making it 370. A bit better than the 1150/950/850 or whatever Dreams wanted to skank me for.

Ikea does great ones without springs......done my back wonders.

I'm getting mine from this place after months of research.

bedlum-beds.co.uk/ind…php Bloke is called Tim and he's on MSE answering loads of stuff for people on bed questions. Have a look.

I chatted with him on MSE for a short while, but he got a bit grumpy with me when I asked for advice so I foofed him off and went to bedworld.net
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