Where can I get a window child lock?

    Does anyone know where I can get a lock to stop my windows opening as far? Ive checked ebay but they all seem to say for wooden windows or require drilling holes, but im sure there must be some device for pvc that doesnt require drilling. ANy help appreciated, thanks



    I would be carefull when fitting restricters to windows, especially upstairs because of fire regulations. New houses aren't even supposed to have locking handles upstairs but if you think its safe there are concealed ones on the market which require no surface drilling

    go to a local window manufacturer they will supply you with window locks that can be unhooked to allow the window to open wide, all the ones i have seen have been screw in tho, but you dont neep to drill first

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    thanks for all the help, they are for my front room, as once the windows are open they can be pushed all the way as there no stoppers, ive already lost a cat this way, but the window only has bottom opening windows, no top opening window for some reason, so i thought if i could get some kind of safety device it would stop any more cats escaping, so if you know of a device id be really grateful if you could post a link as ive only found screw in ones. thanks


    jasmin, I fit pvc windows and doors and we did used to fit stays on the bottom of push out windows, these stays allowed the window to open approx 2 inches for ventilation and were fitted blind so not visible, i wil try and find some online, or you can replace the hinges to restrictor hinges which allow limited movement also but have a button to press for fire escape, i will have a look

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    thanks goldmax really appreciate the help
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