Where Can I Get An Australian Visa Online?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to Australia via singapore for 3 weeks. I need to purcahse a Visa online and was wondering if anyone had a company they would recommend and how much they charge for the Visa? Also i have been told when i arrive to Perth airport there will be a form there for me to complete before going through to passport control. Does anyone know if this can be printed online?

    Thanks in advance



    Any company online will be good to get the Visa from prices will vary but all the time scales are pretty much the same and offer the same product so just have a quick look and choose.

    And no you cannot print the form off they give it to you on the plane and will take 5 mins to fill in just asking for your details and where or what you will be doing in OZ

    Easy stuff.

    Just Google it, lots of answers on Google

    ]http//ww…spx - Got mine here when I went two years ago. Can apply for an ETA (electronic travel authority visa) for a short stay visit. Takes 5 minutes and no paper documents involved as it's linked to your passport. If memory serves me it costs £20.

    Hi, just done mine, traveling on sunday. If you go through the proper australian immigration site, its free and its called an evisitor visa. Most are done immediatly but i had to wait 3 days for mine.

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    Ok brill!! thank you all for your advice and i will apply for my visa over the weekend. Rep has been issued accordingly. Thanks once again everyone

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