where can i get cheap helium to fill up the ballons?

    my babba christening this week, just wonder where can i get cheap helium to fill up the ballons?


    asda used to sell little bottles of helium to blow up balloons, i brought for my daughters birthday bt cnt remember how much it was but wasnt that expensive. mite be worth a look

    i hired out of the yellow pages depending on how much you require as i had purchased a small canister from birthdays for 30pound didnt last so i hired a massive one the next time the sort you see professionals with sure it was only 35pound and we had shed loads of balloons and loads of gas left, they delivered and collected

    I've bought on eBay before,some branches of Birthdays sell Helium cans too.

    Thorntons blow up balloons for you, I had some done there for my daughters birthday party. Cannot remember how much it was though. Also Asda and Card Party sell the balloon sets with the cannister and the balloons. Im sure Clintons blow up balloons also. To hire a Cannister costs about £40.

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    thanks guys
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