Where can I get cheap strawberry liqueur?

Found 12th Feb 2009
I want to make some cocktails at home. I love strawberry daiquiri and therefore need some strawberry liqueur. I can't find any at the supermarkets (well Morrisons and Asda). They have cream and strawberry and raspberry but that's no good. I also don't want to pay a lot for it, any ideas?
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Your local off licence should have it but I'd always use fresh strawberries, can't beat them!
have had cherise but not fraise - are they nice?

more to the point, try Bols from Makro

or ]here
Bols 50cl Bottle 24th Mar 2009 £ 9.39

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or ]here
DE KUYPER 70cl Bottle In Stock £ 13.95

[image missing]

or here
MONIN - Fraise Liqueur (Strawberry) 70cl Bottle In Stock £ 11.34

[image missing]

whole ]list

I will use fresh ones too but most of the recipes say you need the liqueuer?

The nearest place we have is spar apart from supermarkets, don't know if they will have any but I will check it out, thanks.
hi i use grenadine instead of strawberry liqueuer with fresh strawberrys it is lovely
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