Where can i get helium balloons from in Nottingham? And roughly how much?

Found 31st May 2015
Wanting to get 21 balloons filled, I don't mind buying from the shop. I'm not from around here so have no clue, I'm doing as a surprise for my mate.
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do you want the fancy foil ones or regular balloons filled with helium?

Asda so a regular balloon kit for about £15 inc a canister of helium

Try the fancy dress bank on alfreton road near nottingham city centre, i bought some from them for my sons birthday party just over a year ago, theres some info on their website and theyr usually pretty helpful if you call them, hope it helps
if you have a Card Factory shop near you they do them quite cheap.
asda 3 for £5
Argos do the kits very reasonably
As above Asda do helium balloons. Not sure of the price though!
If you're after latex balloons then card factory's probably the best place to go. Balloons are 99p/£1.49 for a pack of 6 and 35p each to inflate and add a ribbon
card factory is cheap as chips and ribboned with a few different options and saves the hassle of doing it yourself. go in before you need them to make sure they got the balloons you want. then go in the morning you need them as sometimes if there busy and can take a few hours
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