Where can I get Isoprpynol/IPA Alcohol and Distilled water???

Found 26th Jun 2009
As above, would like 5L of each so it lasts me a lifetime.

Anyone know where I can get it from - cheap?

I tried Maplins but one litre of IPA Is about £15, rip-off. Anyone know anywhere in Blackburn/Accrinton etc. where I could get this?

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isopropyl alcohol
are the right spellings if helps you find sources better
guess required purity would affect price too

same for distilled, if you need actual distilled or just by extraction of salts

Not sure if this is what you are after or not but try R+L Slaughter or Fischer Scientific.

Isoprpynol 1 litre from your local chemist

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Need Pure isopropanol, and distilled water, that does not conduct electricity

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GQ Man;5600114

Isoprpynol 1 litre from your local chemist

How much is it normally?

I can get a 5L carton for £14 delivered.

Try VWR Internaational

Boots used to but it is getting hard to obtain the stuff from high street chemists these days.


How much is it normally?I can get a 5L carton for £14 delivered.

about £4

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GQ Man;5601780

about £4

£4 for 1 litre??? Doesn't seem worth it if I can get it delivered for £14.

But thanks didn't know you could get it from chemist, will come in handy knowing that,

I was looking for distilled water last week.

Wilkinsons have 1l bottles on sale for 59p, and Halfords have 5l for £3.69. Hope this helps
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