Where can I get Mars Bars Cheaper?

    I am a Big Mars Bar fan, I eat loads of them. In supermarkets a pack of 5 costs about £1.60 now. I now sometimes you can get them for £1 a pack but that involves going to different supermarkets allthe time.
    Does anywhere sell them cheaper all the time or could i order them by the box?


    You could do with an account for somewhere like Costco and buy them by the box of 48. At £1.60 for a pack of 5, that works out at £15.36 for 48. I know that at Costco they're nowhere near that amount and a box of 48 should last you a day or so!!!:thumbsup:

    Have you tried

    Bit of an odd one but try poundland. I know they for 4 for £1 offer which includes chocolate bars and canned drinks. I am sure I have seen Mars in the offer before with things like Lion Bar and Picnics.

    Stick them in the freezer, then slice them into , well , slices. You might need to use a very sharp knife to do that, but theyre nice like that. Or melt it in a pan over hot water and pour the mars bar sauce over Ice Cream, mmmmmm, lovely.

    full of sugar though so dont get too addicted.

    Original Poster

    Some good ideas here, thanks.
    I was worried i'd have to start cutting down as they are get more expensive.

    How do you join costco or makro without having a company. I thought that you had to be a registered bussiness (no clue how to spell, just got back from school)
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