Where can i get the best deal on broadband ? (i have Virgin at the mo)

    I have tv, phone and internet with Virgin but i think they are cr*p. My computer is sooo slow especially first thing lunch and eve. i keep getting messages like "server busy" or " not connected to the internet" (even though my wireless states connected) This is my 5th time typing this as when i clicked submit i got the message "not connected to the internet" it is driving me mad!!!!!!! (like groundhog day typing the same things over again). I don't really download much but i do like to have a few (4ish) pages open at once and flick between
    Where can i get the best deal? HELP PLEASE!!


    I'm with Bethere on 24mb connection (get about 9-10mb due to distance from exchange though) only been disconnected once or twice in the last year. their middle plan is £18 month for unlimited (subject to fair use) downloads. They even give you a router to use which has wireless if that's what you want.
    Worth looking through quidco aswell as many of the isps have money back offers through them.

    Just gone to talktalk and they have been EXCELLENT. £24-99 a month will get you UNLIMITED 24/7 national and local calls, up to 8mb B/band and it includes line rental (which you pay them rather than BT) as they have their own equipment in the exchanges now.…TBB


    Do you have Sky? If so, Sky's broadband is pretty good dependant on the package you get!


    Plusnet are very good. Whoever you use go via … Plusnet are very good. Whoever you use go via Quidco.

    I would stay away from plusnet as i left them in the past as the service was lousy (pn dial up) and it took 18 months of calls to try to get them to stop taking money from my account - as even after it was cancelled - they just resubmitted it.

    It was not even as if I was in a minimum term contract.

    Hi there, you say you are on virgin and wireless. Ok.

    Forget about going to someone else, anything other than cable will obviously be ADSL, and most ADSL services are capping and choking connections at the moment.

    Virgin is your best bet so stick with them.

    Get on the phone to them to sort it out once and for all, if they cant, get customer services to reduce your bill. Then get a new router, and pay someone to fit it in. You should have no issues then.

    Some of these problems point to your router imo


    It may just be the simple fact that your wireless isn't able to support the full speed of your BB connection. Try connecting it via the ethernet connection and then see if you still get the same problems.

    I am with Virgin and have had very little problems with them, although im cable, but when they had the problems with sky tv i caught wind that if you rang sky and said you were with virgin they would beat what you were paying, so i did this and got a good price, went back to virgin and said i was off if they couldnt beat the price, they duely cut my bill by £15 a month.

    It might be worth a try, you could say that you want an engineer out to look at the problem but remember to say you arent paying for a call out!
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