Where can I go to print something if I don't have a printer (it's stopped working!)

    My printer (HP LaserJet 1100) stopped working 2 days ago, searches online *may* suggest it's a problem with Windows 10 update, I know Win 10 did an update on Mon/Tuesday last week, and on Wednesday I definitely could print... but this week (again on Wednesday) it just doesn't work. Keeps saying it's offline on laptop, but light is on, spent hours trying to find out why.. installed HP print & scan doctor, basically it told me (eventually) that the printer didn't work and to check cables, then tried again, told me to check cables, then tried again, told me to check cables.... etc etc etc.

    Getting nowhere. Tried to search things to find answer, got nowhere, have posted on HP site, no replies, searched on Windows, it's hard to find things as some things mention if you're not on Win 10 so I can't do the same steps. It's a very old printer, but works, so perfect for me.

    Giving up on fixing for now, but does anyone know where I could print things - I don't remember seeing printing available at the library, but will check soon... plus print shops, do they do normal prints?

    Going out in a bit so will check but does anyone know before I head off. Cheers


    your local library or small local printers

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    D'oh.... just answered my own question, found mention that the library does print. Ta anyway

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    your local library or small local printers

    Cheers, I'm clearly a muppet Found online mention of that just after posting hehe

    staples have a printing service...

    I go to my dads.

    Just realised you probably won't know my dad, so sorry I can't help you.

    Go to HP website and download latest win 10 drivers for your printer.

    A couple of people I know have had printers stop working since the latest Windows 10 update, they were oldish Epson printers.

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    Woohoo, I fixed it, awesome!

    I had to rewind Win 10 to a previous backup version (Settings > Recovery > Reset This PC) - never done it before so had no idea what it'd do. Had an issue with my password for the windows (which I'd forgotten... bahh) but that was reset easily, so all good now.

    And I was all ready to head out to the library tomorrow - think I'll stay in the warmth now. WoOp!
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