where can i order for chocolate online in Uk

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Found 7th Jan
maybe with flowers. so i can also order for valentine.

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Just Google flower shops in the area of where you are sending the flowers and chocolate to. Of course they do bundles flowers and chocolate together.

Moonpig or funkypidgeon


Do people seriously not know how to use google

How does a user of just a few days with, no deals posted, get banned??

Dont know but their user name doesnt appear in the search unless thats to do with the ban.
Its also a bit odd that the 3 questions they have asked states delivery in the Uk, as its a UK deal site why would you ask this question.
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Even amazon

What area do you live in... know a great florist in north london

When u doing scam in uk with rich ladies it's nice to get the cover story looking good by sending gifts from UK. X)

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