where can i register all my cards so i can cancel all with one call

    i lost my wallet few weeks ago and it was a pain trying to remember what cards i had in my wallet. a colleague of mine mentioned that you can register them all with a company so if i did lose my wallet again i can cancel them all with one call. anyone know of any???


    careful of those type of companys i had a quote from one that said they could regidter all mine @ £20 per year for each card cheeky git i had 7 to register!!!


    It's what Lloyds TSB use and it's free when you get a select account which is £7 per month, plus phone insurance, breakdown cover and some other worthless ****.

    Then theres ]CPP. Thats what the wife uses and they record details of everything from cards to driving licences/passports.



    i was wi sentinel card protection. its the biggest rip off ive ever … i was wi sentinel card protection. its the biggest rip off ive ever seen.Talk to you bank and see what they can offer

    yeah every bank does it. Barclaycard have a cool system, where it covers all your cards, you get identity theft insurance (including legal) and access to your credit file, with alerts
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