Where can I sell my PS4?

Posted 28th Oct
I've listed my PS4 twice on ebay and every time someone buys, they don't pay. It's just becoming a waste of time. Is there another website I could sell which is safe?
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You could try shpock, it doesn’t have fees and is ideal to sell to people locally or nationwide. It is abit slower as you need people to message you/make you an offer but I find myself posting on both sites and more often than not I get the price I want from shpock
Try FB market place. Or take it into cex...
Marketplace on facebook
I've tried Shpock a couple of times but never sold through it - got plenty of awful offers. I'm open to using it again in future though.

I've been using Facebook marketplace recently. Listed at the same time as Shpock but successfully (with a bit of a wait, and again some dodgy offers and a couple of time wasters).

Advantage of both of these is you can meet in person, not have to pay loads for postage, and not have someone file a false claim against you like can happen on eBay - that's something I'm concerned about with selling expensive goods.

CeX as a last resort I guess, because they won't give you as much as a private sale.
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eBay bidder not paying, what happened to bidder afterwards?
Why not just sell it on Amazon Marketplace? Much better than Ebay. Can list it forever until it sells, and it only de-lists once the person pays for it.

Usually sells a lot quicker too.
Re: Facebook.... ..... Timewasters. If you use, don't accept "will you hold" please. I now put that if you want item it must be picked up within 2 hours..... So many items in the past where they say they want and will come tonight or tomorrow / next week. You tell others interested that it is sold/pending only to find no one turns up.
Gumtree - cash on collection only. Priced correctly, it'll soon go.
Have you ever considered listing on eBay as a fixed price. Then you won't get any non payments.
I've sold some on Gumtree relatively easily but for less than I would have got on eBay.

Some buyers are overly cautious and will want you to show it works but that's up to you if you want them entering your house.

I bought my first PS4 like that tbh and it went well. Still have that OG PS4 and since it was unused for months, managed to install homebrew on it.
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Take it to CEX.
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