Posted 18th Jan 2023
It has no name, so I can't complete the checkout process. It has the 16 digit number, expiry date and 3 digit PIN.

I'm sure many people have had these, and experienced similar situations.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    Online transactions up to £40.00 maximum!
    Oh, is that so ...didn't realise that!
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    Max transactions on these is £40 I think. You can top up a monese or revolut account.
    revolut doesn't work- even when I stay below the £40 limit.
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    When I got one of those, I just the money to myself from one PayPal to another
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    Amazon credit?
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    Virtually anywhere
    Beat me to it!
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    Did it come with any instructions about registering it online first to link it to your details?

    Otherwise have you tried just entering your own name and address at checkout?
    I've tried using my own name- with MR and no prefix- and each time it's declined.

    Oh yeah- I successfully registered it too. It's not that it hasn't been registered... the problem is that it has NO NAME, and almost all online card transactions require a 'name field' to be filled in. (edited)
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    Could be different but I had to log in to a virtual wallet and then I had details more like a real card. This was the website I was instructed to use…gin
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