where can I stream 3d films?

Found 4th Dec 2016
if anywhere at all...
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possibly not? downloads i've seen have been in the region of 10-20gb and if i was a stream provider, i'd be damned if i would give up that much bandwidth to one user before i even entertained the notion of a sustainable upload speed
Get a mate who knows his stuff with downloading 3D films and has awesome internet and fill a HDD up. 3D has died a death tbh, when 4K takes off it'll slowly take over.
As above, 3D movies use too much bandwidth and mainstream providers are unable to host them due to this.
Sky Cinema On Demand is where Sky moved everything to after they closed the 3d channels. After that Netflix US has a few but you need a VPN to access. After that I'm sure if you do some google work you can find plentiful sources which would be up to yourself if you choose to use or not.

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youtube. lots of sbs videos on there.


Yes one of the main kodi apps Phoenix has a 3d section in one of the sections or it might have been ukturks
Cartoon HD app on Android has loads of 3d films
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